Except WE were the monkeys, for a couple of hours at least. Not so much swinging from tree to tree like Tarzan but instead zip lining from tree to tree!

So we moved from the not overly mountainous area but a delightful small town of La Fortuna to more mountainous territory also on the traveller circuit known as Monteverde. To get here we found a combined 4-hour service that would offer van-water taxi-van transportation which sounded great and would allow us to cruise along Costa Rica’s largest lake, Lake Arenal, with constant views of the volcano as a picturesque backdrop.

Five days later and through no fault of our own, we were finally able to leave the undesirable capital city of San José in desperate search for the real Costa Rica. Did we find it? Let’s find out…

Do you remember in my last post I questioned whether the Easter holiday drawback might have worked out for the best? Granted, I said it with uncertainty and no real conviction but it really has worked so very much in our favour!

Accommodation rates are back down to normal, the vast amount of people have dispersed back to whenever it is they came from and then there was the weather. Plenty of locals informed us that it chucked it down during Easter week, rain for days we were told.

So after weeks and weeks of biding our time, exercising patience and scrutinising the never ending changing criteria for different countries, our flight out of Brazil finally happened. Hours prior we picked up the results of our rapid Covid test. If we’d have received a positive result, well, who knows what would happen. Would these random airlines have given us our money back!? I dread to think but it does show how difficult a time it is to travel with so many variables unanswered.